• What is welded aluminum?

    Aluminum railings assembled by a welding process, just like the steel railings of old.

  • What is the difference between welded aluminum and mechanical aluminum?

    Welded aluminum is assembled by welding, while aluminum is assembled with screws.

  • What are the advantages of each?

    By design, mechanical aluminum mounts more quickly, which lowers the cost of production. The strength of welded aluminum, also the fact that it is welded, makes it possible to respect the architectural environment and the visual heritage of Montreal neighbourhoods and surrounding areas. Aluminum railings help maintain the look sought by wrought iron railings.

  • Why do we install more welded aluminum than mechanical aluminum if it's more expensive?

    We use welded aluminum more often because it affords a greater choice of models. As a manufacturer, DBM can manufacture any model of railing. Just go with your imagination. DBM also meets the standards and requirements of the districts and municipalities in terms of the architectural environment.

  • What is galvanization?

    This is an immersion process whereby steel is coated with zinc. It is done at very high temperatures (450 degrees Celsius or 850 degrees Fahrenheit) at which the zinc is in molten form.

  • Can you paint galvanized steel?

    Yes, just follow best practices. It should be noted that treatment varies depending on the condition and aging of parts. You can refer to the document ASTM D6386 – 10 Standard Practice for Preparation of Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coated Iron and Steel Product and Hardware Surfaces for Painting.

  • Why use galvanized steel?

    Galvanized steel has proven itself over the years, and can be seen everywhere: bridges, lampposts, fences, etc. It prevents rust from settling in and damaging your products. In addition, the galvanization process contributes to increasing the rigidity of the products.

  • If fibreglass is durable, why do we see some fibreglass products that are cracked

    For cost reasons, many companies make a number of stair models with two layers of fibreglass (applied to the top and bottom of each step), such that only the ends of the step meet and adhere to the others.

  • My staircase is completely rusty. If I change it, can I keep my old railings?

    We offer the possibility of reinstalling your old railings and even welding them to your risers if our specialist at DBM deems they can be recovered. This technique also avoids drilling into your new stairs so as not to increase the potential for water infiltration. Ask one of our specialists for more details.

  • What is welded aluminum?

    Aluminum railings assembled by a welding process, just like the steel railings of old.

  • For fibreglass, should we be content with the traditional gray or beige?

    Of course not – we can create a range of different colours. Just contact us.

  • To save costs, can we install it ourselves?

    All our products can be installed by our customers, you just need to know the basics.
    If you have any questions, our technicians will be happy to help you.

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