Fiberglass, wooden and anti-slip steel plates balconies, strong and resistant, that keep their great look over the years

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The DBM Aluminium difference

You are looking for a strong and sustainable balcony that will enhance the beauty of your property?
Discover our fiberglass, wooden or anti-slip steel plates balconies and bypasses models.


Our balconies are available in a large selection of materials. Therefore, you’ll be able to decide of its composition according to your tastes and your budget.


Known for their great and elegant look, our balconies add value to properties. Their perfect finish and the many available colors offer a exceptional style.


Our balconies are custom made in order to fit with your property style and dimensions. Therefore, you can choose the materials, the dimensions, the color and the finish that you want.



Known for their great look, wooden balconies give an authentic style to your property, as well as a comfy and welcoming aspect. Besides, they are provided with an excellente resistance so you can enjoy it for many years.

An outstanding strength Used material since centuries, wood is known to offer an excellente resistance against ground motion and shocks. Thus, wooden balconies are very strong and hardly get damaged.

Environment friendly If you care about our planet, wooden balconies are the ecological choice to make. As wood is a natural and sustainable material, your balcon contributes to the environment protection from climate change.

A warm and authentic aspect Recognized to be noble material, wood add some richness and a warm aspect to your balcony. Thereby, wooden balconies are reputed for their nice look and give authenticity and conviviality to your house.



Both aesthetic and strong, fiberglass balconies are known for their great capacity to keep their original appearance overtime. Custom-made and with no maintenance required, they enhance the beauty of your property!

Resistant at all times If our balconies benefit of an excellent repution, it is mainly due to their outstanding resistance against shocks and bad weather. Indeed, whether it rains, snows or hails, your balcony will keep its nice look over the years.

No maintenance required If they are known to be strong and sustainable, DBM Aluminium balconies won’t request much attention as they do not require any maintenance. Thereby, you’ll be able to enjoy it all year long without having to worry about cleaning it.

A great durability Our balconies are provided with great resistance, which extend signifanctly their lifetime. Therefore, you can be sure to make a good investment with a product that keep its original state for years.



Aesthetic as well as highy resistant and ecological, steel plates balconies are appreciated for many of their qualities. Besides, they are anti-slip which ensures your security and allows you to enjoy your balcony with no risk of falling.

Designed to meet all your needs Steel is an extremely flexible material which allows our balconies to be designed in many forms. Therefore, you have the possibility of choosing yourself the form you would like, regarding your preferences and your property dimensions.

A 100% recyclable material As it becomes more and more important to take care of the environment, steel is a material liked for its ecological aspect. Indeed, it is easily recoverable and can regenerate entirely. Thus, our balconies contribute to the environment protection.

Sustainable and economic Whether it rains, snows or hails, you can be sure that your steel plates balcony will not suffer from damages and will keep all of its assets. Thereby, its excellente resistance against bad weather makes it a great investment on the long run.


Balconies bypasses

In order to ensure a perfect installation and a great sustainability to your balcony, we manufacture high quality bypasses, which strenghten its structure and maximize its lifetime.

Our bypasses are available for all kinds of balconies (anti-slip steel paltes, wooden and fiberglass). They are made to fit your needs and create the aspect you are looking for.

They offer a great cover adhesion in order to give it a long lifetime and offer a beautiful finish to the structure, creating an immaculate and harmonious rending.


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Our specialists help you to find the balcony that will add value to your property. They answer all your questions and they can start planning your project!

Strong and sustainable

All our projects are executed according to the most strict standards in order to offer you a high quality product. Thereby, our balconies are known to resist bad weather conditions and the vagaries of nature while preserving their original state overtime.

Wooden (pine or cedar), fiberglass, anti-slip steel plates (for industrial) and aluminium plates achievements are ideal in projects in which law requires surfaces and structures to be non-combustible.

Balconies for all
kinds of properties

Whether your balcony project concerns your residency, a commercial or industrial building or a multi-apartment, DBM Aluminium manufactures balconies for all kinds of buildings.

Thus, our experts listen to your specific needs in order to create a balcony that will perfectly match the type of your building, respect its configuration, its architecture but also its particularities and its fonctions.