Steel and aluminium railings

Welded or assembled, custom designed in order to perfectly fit your property.

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The DBM Aluminium difference

Strength, design, safety: our aluminium railings meet all your needs. Discover our high quality railing models for an outstanding outcome.


Aluminium, regular steel with finish, galvanized steel: our railings are available in a wide range of models in order for you to find the one that will fit your balcony or stairways.


With their perfect finish and the various colors available, DBM Aluminium railings offer a beautiful and authentic look to your property and add more value to it.


In order to get a harmonious outcome, with a railing that will meet your stairs or balcony dimensions perfectly, each model is custom made according to your specific needs.


Steel and aluminium
Welded railings

Becoming more and more popular these days, our steel and aluminium welded railings are known for their outstanding strength but also for their authentic and beautiful look. Resistant, safe and aesthetic, they remain a very affordable choice.

Resistant in all situations Known for their great resistance against bad weather and shocks, DBM aluminium welded railings keep their great look over many years. Their welds give them an outstanding strength that allow them to face all seasons without changing aspect.

Quality at a competitive price If our welded railings have many qualities, their price remains highly competitive, which allows you to benefit from a very good price-quality ratio. Thus, you will be able to save money while getting the most out of a railing that will last for years.

100% safe In order to ensure your security, our welded railings are carefully designed to meet applicable safety standards as well as municipal and borough standards and requirements in terms of the architectural environment, in Montreal and its surrounding areas.


Mechanical aluminium

Made out of parts with standard dimensions, our assembled railings are available in several models, styles and colors and can fit all kinds of building. If their price is highly competitive, their lifetime is excellent and their look is elegant.

Easy to install As mechanical aluminium assembled railings do not have welds but get fixed with screws, their installation is relatively easy but most of all fast. Besides, as they can be produced and assembled pretty easily, their price is very affordable.

A great lifetime Extremely strong in all seasons, our assembled railings do not require any maintenance in particular and they keep their great look over the years. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about replacing your railing before many years have passed.

Suitable for all kind of surfaces Aluminium assembled railings can be adjusted to fit most balconies and stairways. Besides, they can be used for both residential and multi-apartment buildings as well as in commercial settings.


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Our experts will help you find the right railing, the one that will meet your speficic needs and enhance the beauty of your property. They are available to answer all your questions and ready to start planning your project!


At DBM Aluminium, our priority is to offer high quality products and services to our customers. Therefore, all our railings are designed to guarantee resistance in all seasons but also to offer a look that fits your building style.

This is why we adapt our products to each project, in order to meet our customers specific needs and to offer them a product especially designed to their building.

Railings for all kinds of architecture

As DBM railings are custom designed, they can be adapted to all types of buildings. Therefore, whether it’d be for residential houses, commercial buildings or even multi-apartment, they’ll be designed to fit your building.

According to your specific needs, our experts will be able to design a railing that will respect your building’s configuration, style and functions, while making sure to meet your expectations.