With DBM Ornamental Iron & Aluminum, let your imagination run wild! We are able to manufacture railings in a wide variety of designs and styles. Indeed, we can build almost any type of railing! We favour welded steel and aluminum railings. They offer more possibilities and can be customized to your needs, and those of your building. Our welded railings meet municipal and borough standards and requirements in terms of the architectural environment and visual heritage of Montreal boroughs and its surrounding areas. Whether they are made of steel or aluminum, welded railings allow us to reproduce the sought-after look of wrought iron railings.




Made out of parts with standard dimensions and offered in various designs, styles and colours, the railings are manufactured and finished in our workshop. Because they can be produced and assembled quickly, their price is low and they can be installed relatively easily, with screws rather than through welding. Their finish requires no maintenance, and they are very long-lasting. They can be adjusted to fit most balconies and stairways. They are used both in residential and multi-apartment buildings, as well as in commercial settings.

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3d design plans

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No problem, use our 3D design service.


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Products for residential, industrial and commercial settings from DBM Ornamental Iron & Aluminum in Montreal

We can make customized railings for you that meet your project standards:

  • Welded: in aluminum, regular steel with finish or galvanized steel;
  • Assembled: in mechanical aluminum.

With DBM Ornamental Iron & Aluminum you can choose:

  • The style of the railing,
  • The size of the posts,
  • The colour,
  • The size of the bars,
  • The type of hand rail,
  • And the ornaments (if desired).

Advantages of our railings

  • Our team designs railings that highlight and adapt perfectly to the style of your building.
  • All our railways are sturdy and durable, so you can enjoy yours for many years to come with no worries.
  • Our galvanized steel, welded aluminum, and assembled aluminum railings require no maintenance.
  • All our railings come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and colours.

Need our services ?

Need our services ?