ornamental wrought iron, aluminium or galvanized steel stairs to suit your property style

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Our difference

Combining sturdiness and durability with aesthetics and safety is what makes DBM Aluminium staircases so special.
We offer a wide range of staircase models to perfectly match your property.


Our stairs are custom designed according to your needs and property. You decide the dimensions and materials that you desire.


We offer a wide variety of staircase models in different types of materials and colours to offer you a wide choice.


If our staircases are known for their beautiful aesthetics, they are also known for their remarkable sturdiness, which allows them to withstand the elements and maintain the same appearance over time.


Safety, durability and aesthetics

Durable and resistant Renowned for their excellent resistance, DBM Aluminium stairs have the ability to keep their beautiful appearance at all times. As a result, they are not easily damaged, either by bad weather or any incident, which allows them to last for years.

Safe and easy to maintain Our stairs are designed to ensure your safety. We also ensure that they comply with very specific protection rules. This way, you can enjoy it in complete peace of mind. Also, our low maintenance stairs can be cleaned once a year with mild soap and water to restore its initial aspect.

An aesthetic and studied design While DBM Aluminium stairs are designed to ensure your safety and last for many years, they are renowned for their aesthetics and incomparable charm. Indeed, our stairs are designed to adapt to the style of your property in order to create a harmonious look.


Custom-made stairs made of
ornamental wrought iron, aluminium or galvanized steel

All types of projects Tailor-made, our staircases can be used for all types of projects, whether small or large. Our designs respect the style and architecture of your building as well as its heritage, building code, municipal and borough by-laws.

Several step options Depending on your needs, you can choose from different options for your steps. These can be made of fiberglass, wood (pine or cedar) or metal. Also, whether it is aluminum or steel, you will have the option of embossed or perforated metal.

Different models, different styles Regardless of the type and style of your building, we will be able to find the staircase that will fit in. Indeed, since we design your staircase to suit your needs in order to guarantee its durability, you will be able to choose among different styles:
- Facade stairways
- Spiral (helical) stairways
- Commercial and industrial stairways
- Interior stairways


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Custom projects

DBM Aluminium's priority is to create high-quality products to all its clients. Our stairs are resistant throughout the year and well-known for their aesthetics that match perfectly any building and property.

This is why we adapt our products to all types of projects in a way that fits clients custom needs and expectations.

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